Executive Summary

This study provides comprehensive research on design coaching programs in India, focusing on their offerings, results, and overall value addition to students. It assesses parameters like course offerings, faculty qualifications and experience, and other parameters to find institutes that provide beneficial options for design coaching in India.

The study takes into account important factors that are significant to students, such as the variety and caliber of courses, the knowledge and experience of the faculty, the cost of the institute for students, and the overall efficacy of the coaching institutes. When evaluating each institute, the study also takes into account the unique needs and preferences of the students.

The study discovered that institutions offering the best value for students combine a wide range of course options, knowledgeable faculty, and a student-centered philosophy. Before choosing to enroll in a design-related course, it is crucial for students to carefully assess each institute based on their unique requirements and consider several factors.


India’s design industry is experiencing rapid growth, with a high demand for skilled designers capable of meeting the diverse needs of various sectors. To meet this demand, a multitude of design coaching institutes have emerged, offering an extensive array of courses in different design disciplines such as graphic design, fashion design, interior design, product design, and more. These institutes play a crucial role in shaping the future of design by preparing students for successful careers in their chosen fields.
In addition, many design coaching institutes also assist students in preparing for entrance exams to prestigious design institutes in India, including the National Institutes of Design (NIDs), National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), and Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), among others.

These coaching institutes offer design courses to provide a comprehensive understanding of the discipline, covering theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Students are exposed to a wide range of subjects, including design principles, visual communication, design software tools, design thinking, and portfolio development. The curriculum is often crafted to foster creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and industry-relevant skills.

This study focuses on 70 design coaching institutes that were selected based on their reputation, popularity, and relevance to the design industry. These institutes represent a diverse range of options available in India and serve as a snapshot of the country’s broader landscape of design coaching institutes. This project aims to evaluate the services and outcomes provided by these institutes and identify the top-performing institutions that excel in preparing students for a successful career in design.

The required data are collected through personal visits, telephonic calls and conducting detailed secondary research. The parameters considered for ranking and the weightage for each parameter are given below. These parameters and weights are finalised based on discussions with academic experts in the design field.

ParameterWeight out of 100
Years in operation10
Number of branches10
Number of courses8
Admission Process5
Batch Timings5
Study Materials provision5
Design Kits Provision3
Other facilities Provision3
Online mode availability2
Instalments for Fees3
Scholarship Availability3
Faculty Strength5
Faculty qualification5
International students’ presence3
NID Selection level5
NIFT Selection level5
CEPT Selection level5
U/CEED Qualified level5
NATA Qualified level5
Web rating (Just dial/Google)2
Future Expansion Plan3

Analysis & Results

Serial NumberName of InstituteWeighted Index Score Out of 500Rank
1Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio  (BRDS) [All India]396.471
2Silica Design Pvt. Ltd. [All India]386.062
3Academy of Fashion & Art (AFA) [All India]352.803
4Pahal Design [All India]337.194
5Sky Blue [Ahmedabad]315.795
6Guru Mantra [Pune]314.636
7Creative Edge Indore Coaching Centre [Indore]312.617
8Ignite India [Kolkata & Bengaluru]301.918
9Design ifaaa [Indore]292.949
10Page Junior College [Hyderabad]287.4510
11Artans Arts Academy [Kota]286.5811
12Inspiration Art and Education [Jaipur]280.2212
13Arkin Institute (Idoodle-Kothrud]278.4813
14Alagangle [Nagpur]276.4614
15Fulor Academy [Amravati]272.9915
16AFS Academy [Kanpur]267.2116
17Rudhhi Academy [Aurangabad]266.3417
18The Design View [Bengaluru]266.3318
19Colour King Art Academy262.5819
20Ideaa Institute of Design [Pune]262.5720
21MAD School [Hyderabad]259.9821
22Indraprastha Institute of Design [Bengaluru]255.6422
23D.A.D Institute of Design [Patna]255.3523
24DQ Labs [Thrissur]251.5924
25Kala Ashram [Indore]251.0125
26Beyondees [Mumbai]249.2826
27Euphoria Fashion Academy [Kanpur]246.9627
28Design Hub [Patna]246.6728
29AFD India  [Ernakulam]245.8129
30Design Doodles [Rajkot]244.3630
31Shipra Anand’s (Academy For Fashion Careers) [Jamshedpur]243.4931
32The Renaissance [Bhubaneswar & Pune]239.1632
33PDA Institute [Indore]238.2933
34Idoodle [Pune]238.0034
35Takshshila [Hyderabad ]236.5535
36Thinc Design [Ernakulam]235.4036
37Design Aspirants  [Bhopal&Indore]234.5037
38VIFA Design studio [Chandigarh]231.1838
39Rachana Art Academy [Nashik]231.0139
40Vinod’s Institute [Pune & Ernakulam]230.0240
41Archi Learn [Amravati]229.4341
42Shiv Ansh Art And Coaching Academy [Chandigarh]229.2742
43Vamshi Institute of Fine Arts & Design [Lucknow]229.2243
44Kalasanskar Chitrasala  [Nashik]228.1244
45Prime [Kolkata]227.6745
46Saurabh Design [Nagpur]227.3846
47Ida [Bhubaneswar]227.3647
48InFrame Design Institute [Jodhpur ]226.7648
49Sun Institute of Design (SID) [Mumbai]226.1549
50AGDS [Surat]225.5750
51First Design Career [Kolkata]225.2651
52GOS Institution  [Coimbotore]224.9752
53Kalpkala Art Academy [Aurangabad]224.3853
54Artin Institute of Creative Studies [Jalandhar]223.6354
55Art Forte [Jaipur]223.0055
56Opus Way [Kolkata]222.7456
57After XII Institute[Jaipur]222.5457
58Design Keeda [Mumbai]221.8058
59Innovia Academy [Kanpur]221.6259
60Creative Compass [Chandigarh]221.1760
61Rebanta Academy of Design [Jabalpur]220.5561
62Studio AT [Raipur]219.9762
63Kala Vihar [Bhopal]218.9063
64Kalaneri Art [Jaipur]217.7464
65Design Pathshala [Ranchi]217.6765
66Sarjana Academy  [Bhopal]217.6466
67Seth Institute of Design  [Bhilai]217.1767
68Qrio Studio [Chandigarh ]216.8868
69Deepal Design Studio [Indore]216.4469
70Sambhav Design Studio [Indore]216.1170


Based on the carefully selected study parameters, the following are the top 10 design coaching institutes in India:

  • Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio (BRDS): Renowned for its comprehensive design courses, BRDS stands out for its experienced faculty and industry-oriented curriculum.
  • Silica Design Pvt. Ltd.: With a wide range of design programs and a strong track record, Silica Design Pvt. Ltd. offers students a valuable learning experience.
  • Academy of Fashion & Art (AFA): AFA specializes in fashion and art education, providing students with industry-relevant training and guidance.
  • Pahal Design: Pahal Design is a prominent coaching institute known for its comprehensive design courses and personalized mentoring for students aspiring to join top design institutes.
  • Sky Blue: Located in Ahmedabad, Sky Blue offers innovative teaching methods and a practical approach to design education.
  • Guru Mantra: With a strong presence in Pune, Guru Mantra focuses on holistic development and offers design coaching with industry exposure.
  • Creative Edge Indore Coaching Centre: Creative Edge in Indore has gained recognition for its dedicated faculty and student-centric approach, producing successful design aspirants.
  • Ignite India: Operating in Kolkata and Bengaluru, Ignite India offers design coaching with a focus on nurturing creativity and practical application.
  • Design ifaaa: Based in Indore, Design ifaaa provides a range of design courses and emphasizes individual attention and skill development.
  • Page Junior College: Located in Hyderabad, Page Junior College is known for its comprehensive design programs and supportive learning environment.

These top 10 design coaching institutes have been identified based on their strong course offerings, experienced faculty, and track record of producing successful students. Students aspiring to pursue a career in design can consider these institutes as they have demonstrated excellence in providing valuable design education and preparing students for a competitive industry.


The information provided in this study is based on primary and secondary research carried out by qualified researchers from March 2023 to May 2023. The study’s results and recommendations are the result of a thorough investigation and analysis of the data gathered. However, we cannot attest to the veracity, correctness, or completeness of the data provided over a long period as it is subject to change in preferences, trends and patterns.

Maction Consulting Private Ltd. and its representatives are not liable for any damages, losses, or consequences arising from the use or reliance upon the information presented in this study. Any decisions made based on this information are at the sole discretion and responsibility of the individual or entity using it.

Before making any decisions or acting in any way regarding the design industry or design coaching institutes in India, it is crucial to conduct additional research, seek expert guidance, and consider other pertinent factors.