Expert Services for the Chemicals Industry

The chemical industry is one of the world’s largest, with a small number of very large corporations and many smaller, specialized suppliers. We have gained an enormous amount of realistic, category-specific knowledge through nearly five years of studying the chemical industry. We understand that every company has its own nuances, but it is encouraging to know that we are familiar with your industry and problems in particular. As a result, we can get straight to work on your brief without having to expose your client to the basics.

The best study begins by talking to the right people. As a market research specialists, gaining access to the target markets of the related chemical industry is our specialty. Data quality, whether online, by telephone or face-to - face, is of vital importance for the work we do.

Typical audiences we survey

  • Buyers & Suppliers

    We know how to contact the people who make the equipment and product procurement decisions. This include health and safety workers, technical and procurement employees, and senior management. They may be based in the head offices, on oil platforms, or in the far-off corners of the world in temporary offices.

  • Distributors

    Distributors are essential to chemical distribution. They also feature in our studies because they play a critical role in bringing chemicals to small and medium-sized enterprises.

  • Laborer

    There are occasions when it needs the opinions of people on the ground who are doing the job. They know how the goods work, and though they might not buy them, they may definitely determine whether they are bought and used or not. It can be difficult to access this party, as they are not seated in an office.

  • Senior decision-makers

    Executives, vice-presidents and owners of companies may not order products themselves directly, but they definitely influence the decision, particularly if the cost or strategic value is high. It’s not easy to reach these markets but it’s possible with the right approach.