The G20 is a global summit that takes place with local hosts. This survey aims to gauge the level of awareness of the G20 Organization and its accessibility to the general public worldwide, who may not have a direct association with the G20 Organization or their respective governments.


  1. To capture details on public perception of the G20 organisation around the world.
  1. Determine the level of G20 awareness among individuals of varying demographics and employment statuses across different geographical locations.
  2. Assess the familiarity of people with the Finance Track and Sherpa Track of the G20.
  3. Identify the entities responsible for handling the Finance Track and Sherpa Track of the G20.
  4. Understand the public’s perception of India’s primary G20 priorities.
  5. Determine the significance attributed by the general public to various Sherpa Track Working Groups.
  6. Determine the significance attributed by the general public to various Finance Track Working Groups.
  7. Determine the significance attributed by the general public to various Engagement Track Working Groups.

Target Groups Surveyed:

As we are demographically located in India there are 87% Respondents from India. A few in USA, Russia and EU.

Gender wise Males are more aware regarding G20 than Females.

Gen X (41-60 years) knows more regarding G20 Organization. Millennial (26-41 years) come later stage with Baby boomer (60-70+ years) & Gen Z (18-26 years).

Irrespective of employment type people know G20. Technically employment type is not a reason to have or not have G20 Awareness.

Methodology & Some Key Takeaways

Majority of the people do not know difference between Finance Track and the Sherpa Track in G20 Meetings.

It is even data-wise that people know or do not know regarding Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors lead the Finance Track.

Majority of the people do not know that Sherpas of member countries, are personal emissaries of the Leaders.

It is even data-wise that people do not know the Finance Track is mainly led by the Ministry of Finance.

People do not know that Sherpas oversee negotiations over the course of the year discussing agenda items for the Summit and coordinating the substantive work of the G20.

People do not know that G20 Group does not have a permanent secretariat.

  • People consider as INDIA’S main G20 Priorities :
    • Green Development, Climate Finance & Lifestyle for Environment (LiFE)
    • Accelerating progress on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
    • Technological Transformation & Digital Public Infrastructure

People know that know that as part of the G20 decision-making process, Working Groups, comprising of experts and officials from relevant ministries, lead in-depth analysis and discussions on a range of internationally relevant issues in respective areas of focus.

  • As per respondents the Sherpa Track Working Groups the Priorities are :
    • Agriculture
    • Digital Economy
  • As per respondents the Finance Track Working Groups the Priorities are :
    • Framework Working Group (FWG)
    • International Financial Architecture (IFA)
    • Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI)
  • As per respondents Engagement Track Working Groups the Priorities are :
    • Business20
    • Science20
    • Startup20
    • Urban20

Suggestions by Maction Consulting:

As per our survey respondents, common citizens from India lack basic knowledge regarding the G20 organization, despite its global reach. It is important to note that the G20 is a world-level organization and not regional or local. Governments from all participating countries should utilize various forms of media to disseminate information about the organization, which is primarily structured to work at the government level and not for business, education, or other levels.

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