This comprehensive Pizza Market Case Study report offers in-depth insights into the five key aspects of the market: its size, market share, scope, growth trajectory, and potential future prospects. Beyond that, it provides invaluable information to assist businesses in identifying both opportunities and potential risks within the market.

The Pizza market is a versatile and ever-evolving segment of the food industry, celebrated for its widespread appeal and diverse offerings. This market boasts a wide range of pizza styles, from traditional classics to gourmet creations, satisfying a broad spectrum of consumer tastes. Key trends in the industry include a growing demand for healthier and more sustainable options, with organic ingredients, gluten-free crusts, and plant-based toppings gaining popularity. Technology has also played a pivotal role, with online ordering platforms and mobile apps providing convenience for customers, and innovation remains at the forefront, encouraging unique and creative pizza creations inspired by various cuisines. Furthermore, globalization has expanded the market’s reach, introducing regional and fusion variations to new audiences.

Major players like Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s lead the market, while local pizzerias continue to thrive by offering unique regional flavors. Challenges such as health concerns related to calorie and fat content, along with intense competition, persist. Nevertheless, the Pizza market’s future appears promising, driven by the ongoing adaptation to evolving consumer preferences, the incorporation of technology, and a growing emphasis on sustainability and customization. As the industry continues to innovate and expand, pizza remains a beloved and enduring global culinary delight.

Purpose of our Research Study

The purpose of this research is to evaluate Food Originally – Italian Pizza preferences. Maction, aimed to gather information about people’s pizza toppings, price preferences, and the different criteria they consider when making or ordering pizzas. This Pizza study is a syndicated research work by Maction Consulting.  


Primary research data collection among 496 respondents. An online survey script was prepared and the link was shared with the prospective respondents.  The data collection took 20 days to complete to achieve the sample size. A purposeful sampling approach was followed, only the regular pizza consumers are contacted for the survey.  The duration of the online survey was 10 minutes.

Key Findings

Demographics Profile:

Female respondents are dominant in the sample, occupying 49.8% of total sample, followed by male with 44.6%.

Majority are Gen Z (18 to 26 years) with nearly 52%, followed by Millennial (33.1%) and Gen X (11.5%).

Students are found more in the survey, contribution around 41%, then by Employees with 25.4%.  About 14.1% are professional crowd.

Detailed Pizza Survey Results

Cheese Pizza (75.4%), Veggie Pizza (51.4%) and Margherita Pizza (55.2%) are the most liked Pizza types.

Majority (88.1%) prefer to have ‘Regular flour (Maida)’ and considerable portion prefer ‘Whole Wheat flour’ (22.4%).

Classic Crust is the topper among the Crusts, as reported by 76.4% of respondents.  This is seconded by Thin ‘N’ Crispy with 53.6%. Cheese Crust and Deep Pan follow the order, as represented by 48.2% and 41.7% of respondents.

Majority prefer original Wood-Fired Pizza (78.6%) making method, while Oven Backing method is equally liked by most of the respondents (71.0%).

Medium Pizza of Size 12 inches in Diameter is preferred by most of the consumers (64.3%). However, considerable portion (43%) go with Small Pizza of size 8-10 inches (43.1%), and some prefer to have 14 inches Pizza (30.4%).

  • Best loved Pizza Toppings are these:
    • Extra Cheese and Fresh Basil (57.3%)
    • Pepperoni, Onion and Tomato (54.0%)
    • Mushroom (52.2%)
    • Fresh Garlic (46.6%)

Closer to 30% of consumers like cheese burst, and another 30% don’t like cheese burst.

Along with Pizza, majority prefer to have Coke (60.5%), followed by Pepsi (21.6%), and then Thums Up (17.9%).

People mainly prefer to eat Pizza at the Home Delivery (63.3%), Take Home (60.7%) and Eat at the Restaurant (54.8%).

How Much Money You Are Willing To Pay For One Pizza?

For Small Pizza 44.8%, consumers prefer to pay between USD 5.00 and USD 7.99.

For Medium Pizza (44.0%), consumers prefer to pay between USD 8.00 and USD 9.99.

For Large size Pizza (34.5%), consumers prefer to pay between USD 8.00 and USD 9.99 and 65.9% Pay between USD 10.00 to USD 12.99

Key Findings:  Summary

  • Cheese Pizza is the most consumed Pizza.
  • Majority prefer Classic Crust Pizzas.
  • Best loved Pizza Toppings in order are: Extra Cheese, Fresh Basil, Pepperoni, Onion, Tomato, Mushroom, and Fresh Garlic.
  • Majority prefer Medium Size Pizzas of 12 inches diameter.

Maction’s Recommendations

  • These findings are useful for the current business owners of pizza shops, as the current consumer preferences on Pizza consumption is covered here.
  • These findings also helpful for consumers to select the right pizza type for them from the different pizza types available in the market. This guides the consumers to make their ultimate choice of options while ordering Pizzas.

Disclaimer :

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