Leveraging Consumer Insights in Marketing
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Leveraging Consumer Insights in Marketing

Marketing is primarily about leaning into the marketplace and understanding what consumers want and expect from a brand. Often, a market research agency makes the mistake of not being able to leverage consumer insights. In hindsight, this is similar to cooking food from scratch when you have a three-course meal right in front of you.

Consumer insights are information gathered from a market survey or target audience. It is crucial information that helps a market research agency. Additionally, it can help grasp the expectations, feelings, and thoughts of a consumer base. Since it is mainly used in sales, one can utilize customer insights to know what makes a consumer reach their purchase decision faster. Then, they can leverage this insight to speed up the consumer acquisition process.

Furthermore, consumer insights also improve a customer’s journey and brand growth simultaneously. Using these insights can streamline the communication process with the audience while building their trust. According to several studies, leveraging consumer experience is one of the top priorities in sales-based businesses. It surpasses factors like products and pricing. 74% of consumers are likely to avail of products or services from a brand based on their consumer experience. This clearly indicates why leveraging consumer insights correctly is imperative in marketing.

Strategies to Leverage Consumer Insights for Brand Marketing

●     Using interactive media channels to dig up insights

When indulging in market surveys, no agency can afford to overlook platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and TikTok. Right from message boards to posts and comment sections, these sites consist of a wealth of qualitative and quantitative data. This data can drive product and service curation, improvement, and growth. Moreover, basing executions on these insights can lead to easier promotion on social media platforms.

●     Test your ideas and creatives with the target audience

When a campaign or product is based on consumer insights, the next step is to confirm if it sits right with your target audience. One can try a testing platform that leverages behavioral science. This helps expose how advertisements make the target audience feel, predicting whether the execution will succeed. One can also expand this testing beyond the general public base and capture feedback from people around them, like family members.

●     Inculcate testing feedback and improvise

Work on detailed reasons and factors availed of in the final idea. After gaining consumer feedback, work with experts to understand how it can be used to harness sales and brand scalability. Another case study showcasing the importance of consumer insights in marketing is how Adidas has harnessed the same to uplift its popularity. Research from Adidas found that 92% of women are concerned about running safety. The activewear brand decided to address this issue through a campaign. This campaign featured women running at night alongside reinforcements on motorbikes, cars, and horses. The campaign was named “The Ridiculous Run” as it indicated the contrast between men’s and women’s safety.

Benefits of Consumer Insights in Marketing

●     You get a first-hand account of what the target audience wants

One of the biggest benefits of consumer insights is knowing what the consumers want first-hand. It gives the marketing team the right questions to ask while building consumer trust.

  • It closes the gap between sales and marketing

Leveraging consumer insights enables the sales and marketing teams to work together and avail better reach. The marketing team can create targeted campaigns and garner the right leads. On the other hand, it enables the sales team to follow up on these leads and acquire customers. This combined effort leads to revenue and conversion.

  • Improves customer journey

Using consumer insights helps identify and bridge the gap between a consumer’s journey with the business. It assures the consumer of improvement.

  • It makes the marketing process more efficient

Harnessing consumer insights can boost the sales and marketing process since they can now use resources adequately. The marketing team will know what to prioritize for lead conversions, making them more productive. It also allows for the best use of limited resources within a limited timeframe.


When a market research agency is aware of its consumers’ expectations, it can work efficiently to cater to them. Moreover, it can work towards presenting the products and services to its target audience in a manner that appeals to them. This helps in creating the right buzz around products right from the first campaign’s first interaction.

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