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Customer Loyalty: What It Is and How to Get It

“A friend in need is a friend indeed.” This quote used to be the starting line of most of our essays on a loyal friend. We learned since day one, that the person who sticks with us during our bad days are the only people whom we can refer to as true friend. The same applies in the case of different companies/ businesses too.

Be it the pandemic or managing a huge loss, it is your loyal customers who will help you to sustain the brand value during your bad days. It is comparatively a lot costlier to attract new customers to your products than to satisfy the repeated ones who value your brand. Customer loyalty is one of the most beneficial ways to grow your company and proceed towards achieving your goals.

 If you are not much familiar with this concept of customer loyalty and why it is so important, read ahead to understand its significance and frame your marketing strategies accordingly.

What is customer loyalty?

The variety of products available these days is quite diverse. But does your customer keep on choosing your brand over the other leading ones in the market?

If yes, it means that they are wholeheartedly committed to your product. This level of devotion for a particular service or product of a certain brand is termed as to be customer loyalty.

Why is it important?

Several factors affect the buying decisions of a customer. Availability, quality to pricing, everything plays a vital role in allowing the consumer to choose their desired product. However, a loyal customer will go that extra mile for you and will spend some extra bucks to restock the products at the time of your need. A satisfied customer will keep on getting back to your brand and will stick with you patiently.

Marketing and your selling strategies are considered as some of the most important components for growing your business. But maintaining customer loyalty will help you to maintain your brands’ reputation and image. As a businessman, you need to remember that it is extremely crucial to understand the needs of your customer. Make sure to consider the fact that you know your customer the best. Therefore it is your duty to put their needs at the vanguard of your organization. It will not just improve your sales but will also help you to acquire more revenue. Rather it will be the initiation of building long-term customer loyalty.

Your customers play a huge role in the promotion of your business. At certain points, their word of mouth manages to attract more people than your marketing tactics. The pandemic was a major test of customer loyalty. Some of the companies managed to survive the challenging days and did not go out of business because they had their loyal customers by their side.  During the pandemic, we did come across a number of stories of people shutting down their organizations completely. Taking it as a lesson, it is always better to utilize the good times in the best possible way.


Building strong customer loyalty will not just increase your profits but will also help you to grow faster and endure the harsh days. If compared to the one-time sales, the loyal consumers of your brands will be much more understanding and will have a forgivable attitude towards you. As stated earlier, you must know the needs of your customer in the best possible way. Similarly, your loyal consumers know your brand the best. Therefore, taking feedback from time to time will help you improvise and move ahead accordingly.

What do the customers expect from their brands?

David A. Aaker, the brand loyalty pyramid

Consumers always look for a brand whom they can trust completely and can get instant solutions for all their problems. Similar to marketing plans, it is crucial to note that you need to frame your loyalty strategies too.

Incorporating an effective loyalty technique will seek you the customers who will stick with your brand for the longest period and will promote your services too. But in order to build a long-lasting relationship, it is extremely necessary to know the expectations of your consumers.

Some of the most common wants of the consumers from their favorite brands are:

A. Genuine and transparent assistance

In this era, google reviews and social media platforms are some of the most effective ways by which consumers find ample info about their preferred brand. Before reaching out for your service, a customer will definitely research enough to get a basic idea about your brand.

That is why it is so important to maintain transparency and to keep the communication as simple as possible. If you can promote your services in a genuine, straightforward, and unique way, you will end up grabbing the attention of your target customers more easily.

B. Wants to feel comfortable

Irrespective of the type of service you are providing or the type of products you are selling, providing a comfy ambiance, allows the consumers to calm down. Just a soothing smell of an incense stick or a certain humble unexpected gifts do wonders in most cases.

The same strategy works for digital marketing too. If you respond back to their queries promptly and manage to offer them the right product even before they start to hunt for it, your brand will automatically start gaining the required attention of the customers.

C. Seamless service

In this digital era, where everything is located just some clicks away from our reach, no one likes it when they are made to wait. The easiest way to get the support of your customers is by providing an instantaneous service without any delay.

It totally depends on your techniques and strategies whether it will reach the target customer or not. But when it comes to the mindset of consumers, quite often we try to commit to a certain brand for a long span until we get disappointed.

How to gain customer loyalty?

There are several tactics of keeping the loyal customers. Just a small sweet gesture can work the best at times. Whereas discounts at festival times or certain times of the year, works wonders too.

Here are some of the easiest tips to keep in mind for gaining the loyalty from your consumers:

A. Communicate openly.

Be it the launch of a new product or announcing about a certain offer period, make sure to choose your words wisely. Even when you are answering to a certain query, keep it short and crisp.

Maintaing a good customer service is not that hard. You just need to update them about your company continuously.

B. Make them to feel important.

There is a huge bunch of competitors in the market. Therefore, it is quite hard for your consumers to not feel allured and change their choices.

Maybe their products are cheaper than yours or a certain content is different. There can be a number of differences between you and your competitors.  Make it a point to show your gratiture to your customers for sticking with you.

Communication plays a key role in business. Therefore, constantly staying in touch with them and valuing their loyalty towards your brand is highly necessary.

The Bottomline

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, many brands are struggling while some are slowly recovering. If your marketing strategies or the application of loyalty programs are jumbled up, take assistance of Maction right away!


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