new product development

proposition development


To help you build a genuine connection between your brand and your customers, determine and differentiate the emotional benefits that consumers see behind your product and services.

Our research on the value proposition helps you to understand the consumer perspective. Through a range of qualitative and quantitative techniques, we can explore and replay the different benefits that your product has, and how these ladders meet consumers’ emotional needs.

By connecting your product or service ‘s rational and physical features to consumers’ emotional needs we can create a stronger, deeper platform from which to market your brand.

Using qualitative research to understand the world of the consumer, contextualize your brand in their lives and determine their key needs; combined with quantitative research to validate, size and add robust metrics to these findings, we can provide a strong value proposition that acts as the cornerstone of future comms and marketing strategies.

Benefits to bank on

Our clients are able to increase end-user productivity without sacrificing usability.

  • Capitalize on emotional benefits

    Go beyond the rational advantages and hook on deeper, stronger emotional needs that your brand can meet.

  • Differentiate your brand

    Comprehend what consumers see as your brand’s differentiating features and benefits.

  • Identify whom to target

    To shape your long term marketing strategy, we help determine which consumer segments and demographic profiles your value proposition resonates with most.