New Product Development

Product Testing


Optimize your products and services to establish success for your business. Re-engineering or launching a new product or service could be tricky. Competition is fierce; gaining market share from established players is tough. But our approach to product testing ensures you are able to get ahead by helping you understand what matters most to consumers. We work with companies throughout the product development process at all stages, helping you to understand how to refine your products and services before launch.

Using advanced quantitative techniques, we can identify which attributes most correlate with product appeal, so that your research and development team knows where to focus their efforts. By following this with qualitative research, we can dig deeper, exploring how specific product or service areas can be improved to ensure that it stands out from the crowd. Our design team is also on hand to mock product designs, helping to visualize and iterate ideas for consumers based on their feedback at speed.

Benefits to bank on

The impact of research on product testing can have on your business:

  • Launching cutting-edge products in the market

    You can design products and services that outperform the competition by putting consumers at the heart of product development.

  • Boost your profit margin

    By understanding which attributes are correlated with product appeal, we can help you understand where to focus your investment, and which elements can be sacrificed without any detrimental effect on product performance.

  • Future demand forecast

    We can shape the expected demand for a new product by working closely with your team and harnessing your internal data.