new product development

product concept testing


Identify the strongest concept(s) for further iteration and development to take forward.

The beginning of process of product development is filled with creativity and new ideas. But how do you filter these down to determine which concepts will be a hit with consumers?

We work with companies to help them move beyond thinking about the blue sky. With concept testing, we will help you develop a shortlist of viable concepts that will take you into the next product development phases.

Using a range of qualitative and quantitative techniques, we ‘re going to help you understand the consumer’s view of different concepts, explore whether the product proposal, the problem you ‘re trying to solve, and why you think your target audience resonates.

By exploring various factors, using a range of creative qualitative testing tools and benchmarking against our standards database, we can identify the concepts with the highest appeal and understand how they can be refined, providing you with the valuable insight you need to move into the next development stage.

Benefits to bank on

The impact of research testing the concept can have on your business:

  • Understand where your product development should focus

    By uncovering the consumer perspective, we can provide clear guidance on where to focus product development.

  • Identify target customer segment

    Concept testing can be a valuable tool for determining a product’s target audience, and understanding how to reach it.

  • Develop products which are the market leader

    You can develop products and services that outperform the competition by placing consumers and their needs at the heart of product development.