new product development

pricing research


Find the optimum price point for your service or product. Determining the value consumers attach to new products or services can be difficult. With research on pricing, we can help you succeed in developing an optimum pricing strategy along the new product development cycle. Our suite of pricing techniques are designed to work across the go-to-market journey – from the initial stages of development, where broad pricing thresholds can be provided right through to full launch, where we can help you understand your product’s price elasticity. Whether you want to understand the branded impact of pricing, consumers will make product or service features versus price, or simply find acceptable pricing parameters, we’ve got the tools and techniques to help.

Benefits to bank on

The impact this research could have on your company:

  • Develop a competitive strategy on prices

    By testing product pricing in a competitive context, we can help you understand how your market share will be affected by different price points over competition.

  • Determine the return on revenue

    Our analytical techniques can trace the expected revenue yield at different price points, helping you to calculate the overall return on a new launch so that your strategy can be finalized.

  • Understand the value placed on the various features

    By testing bundles of products and services, we are able to identify the relative value consumers place on different features. This will enable you to create the ultimate mix to drive sales at the optimal price point.