customer & market understanding

understanding the market


Understanding the broader context of a market is critical to helping you differentiate your offering and identify new business opportunities.

Our market understanding research approach is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of how markets think and act, so you can understand the most relevant way to position your products and services, and find white space for innovation.

We approach market understanding research by looking at the broader spheres of influence on a market , taking a macro understanding of trends and behaviors before deep-diving into specific nuances within the target audience. Throughout, we partner with clients to ensure that we build on their existing knowledge to deliver an agile output.

We bring together insights from a diverse range of sources to inform market understanding research: consumers, subject matter experts, and secondary research materials – including your own past learning and established cultural norms. This approach enables us to combine broad contextual learning with targeted findings which we can work with your team on in-depth action plans.

Research on market understanding can have the following on your business:

  • Develop a rich market understanding to develop business strategy

    By understanding your target audience’s lifestyle, needs and desires, attitudes and cultural context, we can provide a clear list of tangible factors that matters them the most.

  • Find room for innovation

    By helping you understand the latest market trends, we are able to identify new innovation opportunities which you can capitalize.

  • Develop marketing strategies

    We help you find ways to redefine marketing materials to appeal your target customer segments.