customer & market understanding

sizing the market


Developing a successful growth strategy requires a detailed understanding of how large a given market is, and how much you can win.

No two projects on market sizing are similar. We work with companies to create a tailor-made methodology that draws on the latest and most reliable market knowledge so that you can grasp the ROI on every strategy.

We create a rich database for analysis by integrating review of established literature, desk research, key opinion leader interviews as well as digital and on-the-ground data collection. We will help you find out of this:

How big the overall universe is (Total Addressable Market)

How much of that you can reach through your sales channels (Served Available Market)

The percentage of the SAM that you can realistically reach (Serviceable Obtainable Market)

Precise understanding of the Serviceable Obtainable Market is what will contribute to realization of the most successful strategies. We work closely with clients to expose their capabilities to help them quantify their market potential.

Research into market sizing can have an effect on your business:

  • Be confident while entering a new Market

    Before allocating substantial capital to reach a new market or region, you will be able to develop the sales potential and build business strategies that will set you up for success.

  • Make new product launch a great success

    New product inventions and improvements are costly endeavors. Establishing which ideas or features are most likely to sell will minimize spending on research and development and make the process more effective.

  • Learn how to compete

    Once you know the overall size of a market, and the market share your competitors hold. You would be in a position to determine whether you will fall behind or lead the pack.