customer & market understanding

shoppers behavior assessment


Assess shoppers behavior to maximize in-store and online conversions. Decoding shoppers behavior can be complex and extensive. We can uncover new opportunities for your brand by exploring the path to buy, and identifying the moments that have the greatest impact.

By drawing on a variety of methodologies, we provide rich insights into how your current and target customers shop across different channels for the category. What products are they buying right now? What are the motivations that drive these acquisitions? And what happens to the decision-making process?

We can help you maximize sales in-store and online by providing a detailed picture of the key influences on buying behavior, as well as the barriers to conversion.

Shopper research can have an impact on your business:

  • Refine your packaging

    Guided by a rich understanding of the motivations that drive buying, we can help you to improve your packaging so that it resonates better with target clients.

  • Redefine your marketing materials

    We will work with you to identify the role your marketing plays in-store, finding ways to maximize its impact.

  • Optimize your in-store position

    We can find the best place for your brand by understanding how the shoppers navigate the store.