customer & market understanding

segment research


Not all customers have the same value for your business. But how do you decide where to concentrate your Full Return efforts?

Our segmentation studies are designed to help you understand the distinct groupings that make up your market, so that you can hone on those that offer the greatest potential.

From the get-go, we ‘re partners with you. We can develop segmentation strategies that really add value to your company by partnering with your stakeholders in the process-focused on strategic thinking and high-quality research.

Working with our own creative team inside the organization, we carry the segments off the page and into the market. We bring your customers to life through people and documentary-style content, helping drive decision making on everything from marketing strategies right through to customer service.

The effect this research may have on your company

  • Term plan overview

    By identifying your most important customer segments we will work with you to find and leverage new opportunities for your company to grow.

  • Create delivering winning goods

    We help businesses design products and services that solve key pain points and needs by getting product teams closer to their customers.

  • Create strong marketing campaigns

    Our segmentations put consumers to the center of focus, allowing marketing teams to better understand their motivations