customer & market understanding

opportunity identification


Find new ways to inspire product creation within your genre.

To remain relevant, brands need to be in a position to confidently launch new products. We work with companies to help them identify offering gaps to target the unserved/ underserved segment.

It is important that the process of finding opportunities is carefully carried out to optimize the chances of a successful launch of the product. We will be working with you to create a tailor-made solution based on your specific challenges. That may include:

  • End-consumer Workshop sessions – This helps create a rich understanding of customer experiences with the product category including behavior trends, product use and perceived shortcomings with current offerings.
  • Studies of the uses and behaviors: Large-scale quantitative studies allow us to analyze the category as a whole, identifying customer needs that you can satisfy by creating a product.
  • Expert interviews with business experts: These provide a forward-looking viewpoint, defining future growth areas, prospects and white space in the market. Based on this knowledge base, we are able to run co-creation workshops with customers to catch and refine embryonic product ideas relevant to the established white spaces.

We also run seminars for your internal partners to help you take advantage of new opportunities and innovations and step forward in the product development. We share key perspectives and work with you to define the product concepts for further development and testing to be carried forward.

Benefits of this study

  • Know where you are heading

    Understand where your company is going in the market to pursue new opportunities.

  • Identify customer needs where you fit the best

    We provide you with an unfiltered, realistic view of consumer preferences in the sector, enabling you to better satisfy what your customers are looking for through the production of new products.

  • Develop successful products

    We leverage our in-depth expertise in developing new products to help clients set up successful product launch