customer & market understanding

market entry research


Entering the market

High risk but high reward for joining a new market. Market research is important if the process is to be de-risked and a market entry plan designed to set the company to success.

We partner with companies to conduct research into market penetration so they can understand their business potential in new markets. With offices covering many of Asia’s high-growth markets, as well as the US and Europe, we are well placed to help companies deal with this challenge as we can bring to bear our rich knowledge of the local market and cultural awareness.

By integrating primary and secondary data, we will assess the size and shape of the market, and your business’ growth potential, enabling you to make informed market entry decisions. And by getting you closer to your target customers, we can help you understand how best to locate your product, pricing and marketing plan in order to ensure that your company thrives on a new market.

The effect this research may have on your company

  • Uncover new opportunities

    Our research not only investigates the state of the industry, it identifies the areas in which your company can capitalise.

  • Know what drives success of existing players

    We ‘re going to help you understand the players you are going to be up against, and how to win market share.

  • Get closer to target segments

    You can shape your plan around their needs by creating a rich understanding of your target customers in a new marketplace.