competitive intellgence


What is competitive intelligence?

Take well-informed decisions using research-based knowledge to maximize opportunities and minimize even the smallest risks. Steer clear of unexpected changes in the decision-making processes and even in the strictest timetable make major decisions. Ensure productivity at all levels of the company by concentrating more on reducing decision-makers’ time for knowledge gathering and moving their energies into decision making.

Our competitive intelligence solutions is tailored to satisfy specific business needs. Based on careful and in-depth research, intelligence reports will empower you to make well informed decisions and formulate effective business strategies to stay one step ahead of your competition.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Detailed competition profiling

    In order to develop efficient and effective business strategies, identifying your competitors and understanding their strengths and weaknesses is crucial. We compile your competitor information including their history, key facts, market, products or services, customers, financials, marketing strategy , business goals, and more. To build as complete a profile as possible, our research team synthesizes the information from publicly available sources.

  • Know how your product / pricing / marketing is different from competitors

    Comparison is one of the most appropriate ways to improve your offerings. We collects and compiles data on the product or service features of your competitors, the pricing model and marketing strategies through extensive research. From this data detailed comparison reports are prepared to help you identify unique selling proposals and competitive pricing. The reports help the product development and marketing teams launch and market new products and services successfully.

  • Comparative your business model with competitors

    Our report comparison business model is formulated to help you become a stronger competitor in your market. We compare leading player business models against a standard business model canvas to give detailed insight into the value proposition of your competitors , customers, finances and infrastructure. Such competitive intelligence helps you to refine your existing business model or to develop successful new venture models.