brand and advertising research

brand equity


Find out what drives your brand’s value, and how it compares with the competition. Your brand ‘s connection with the consumers can be your biggest asset. Identifying opportunities to enhance that connection will enable you to deliver consistent business growth.

Our brand equity studies are designed to help you understand the connection between consumers and your brand, the category needs and drivers, and where your brand sits in its competitive setting. We have been partnering with you since the get-go. We can design brand equity solutions that really add value to your business by collaborating with your stakeholders throughout the process – based on strategic thinking and high-quality analysis, rather than one-size-fits-all black box thinking.

Working with our own data scientists in-house, we create customized brand equity models tailored to you, your brand and your stakeholders. By combining this with qualitative research, we can understand the various facets of your brand equity in detail and identify ways to further enhance that.

Benefits to bank on

The impact this research could have on your company:

  • Drive the connection stronger

    By gaining a rich understanding of the relationship you have with consumers, you can plan and plot the brand’s future growth to enhance and strengthen that relationship.

  • Develop distinguishing feelings

    By mapping your market competitors, we can identify the opportunities and areas that you can leverage to ensure that you are seen as relevant and yet differentiated from the competitive set.

  • Get strong competitive understanding

    Our brand equity studies allow you to explore your competitors in detail, helping you to build an understanding of their various strengths so you can tailor your future marketing and brand plans better.