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ad testing


In the early stages of creative development, gain feedback for improving ad effectiveness. Developing ads which cut through is key in a saturated media environment. We can help you develop adverts that really resonate with the people you want to reach by engaging consumers in this process from the get-go.

We help global brands understand how consumers react to ads in the early stages of development so you can identify the best route to move forward and determine how to reinforce your creative thinking.

Our approach aims to uncover both subconscious and rational reactions to develop holistic brand recommendations. Using AI-powered facial coding tools, we can separate emotional responses to advertisements, identifying moments that elicit positive reactions from consumers and those that need to be refined to avoid confusion or distraction. We also dig into rational reactions to understand ad recall and impact, using a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods.

Using this dual approach, we can identify opportunities for enhancing your ads, helping you to better engage with your target audience and bringing your marketing value to the fore.

Benefits to bank on

Research on the impact of ad testing can have on your business:

  • Maximize returns on Ad spent

    You can maximize the effectiveness of your ads to increase the effectiveness of your marketing spending by refining your ad based on consumer feedback before you start final production.

  • Create contents which resonate across various markets

    By helping you understand the cultural nuances in announcement responses, we can advise you on how best to tailor your marketing for success in various markets.

  • Reach out to new audiences

    We can identify appeal beyond your target audience by testing how your ads perform across different segments and demographics.