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Correlation/Impact Analysis

Evaluate the strength of the relationship between two or more variables driving success or failure of key business metrics. We have been able to generate scenarios for our clients to assess how a change in one factor will impact overall business performance.

Statistical Inference (Hypothesis testing)

We help clients identify multiple outcomes of a business situation and apply mathematical models to identify the most likely outcome.

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Net Promoter Score

We help clients to measures the overall customer experience. This proven metric transformed the business world and have been very helpful for most of the consumer brands to gauge consumer perception.

Satisfaction Index

We have helped clients in gauging the satisfaction level of customers (C-SAT) and employees (E-SAT). Our work does not just finish with reporting satisfaction index, we have also helped clients in understanding factors pushing the score down.

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Benchmark comparison and KPI

Helping clients to benchmark their performance with competitors and also review their internal performance highlights with that of the predefined KPI.

Brand Mapping

Companies must keep a tab on how their brand is positioned among consumers mind and what is the impact of new players entering the market. It helps our clients to redefine their differentiating factor.

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Regression Analysis

We have helped clients in identifying the variables that were driving most of the success so that they can utilize their resources in the right direction.

Customer Segmentation

We have statistical modeling capability to use the survey insights to identify different customer pockets to map them within different clusters for more targeted marketing.

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Shopper Footfall Analysis

In order to drive overall customer engagement and understand how your shoppers are behaving, we have helped major retail brands to quantify and analyze their shopper’s footfall analysis.