Associate Director- Insights and Analytics

Sekar serves an Associate Director for Maction. He is a research and analytics professional with over 28 years of service experience. His core competency lies in quantitative data analytics, advanced statistical analysis, primary as well as secondary research. He also has substantial exposure in the field of qualitative research.

At Maction, he is responsible for end-to-end project execution and driving the strategic initiatives of Maction. He previously worked with various market research, analytics and consulting organizations. He has experience in consumer research, business research, social & development sectors. Sekar is highly skilled in interpreting research findings, insight generation and translating statistical results into actionable business plans to drive the growth of the organization.

He has a diverse experience in working with clients from India, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, UAE and the USA.  He has ample experience in leading and training research and analytics teams.

Sekar holds a Post Graduate Degree in Statistics and an MBA in Marketing & Systems. He loves to spend time with family, music and learning new things.