Mahendra Chaudhary : Founder and Managing Director | Maction

Founder and Managing Director

Maction is the result of Mahendra’s conviction to achieve excellence in Market research. He has a solid passion for market research and a 28-years of experience working on a diverse set of research projects to back his claim.

Before establishing Maction, He has spent a fair amount of time in both commercials as well as social and development sector research. He has advised world-class companies like HUL, Reckitt Benckiser, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, LG, HP, UNICEF and many more on various projects. He had handled projects in Education, Automobile, Telecom, Real Estate, Agriculture, Insurance, Banking, and Rural and Social development.

Down to earth and an expert in the field of market research, he has built healthy and long-lasting relationships with clients, which is why Maction enjoys an exceptionally high rate of repeat business from its list of distinguished clients.

Mahendra holds an MBA and is certified in Marketing Research from the University of Georgia. He likes to spend time with his family, very much an early riser, he really enjoys staying active, his interests include reading and yoga. He founded Maction in 2015 with a vision to provide holistic research services to clients across sectors.